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Mr. Grant Genie

has helped to advise our clients to capitalise on government support

$ 23681000

Innovate your Business through Grant supports

The way of running business has revolutionised with digitalisation being an essential part of all businesses. Singapore has set aside funding supports for Companies to embark on digitalisation. Digitalisation doesn’t just involve technology, but also the manpower capabilities to operate it. From implementing solutions to hiring the right candidate, there are a wide range of grants for you to utilise to innovate your business.

Improve Productivity

Singapore has always faced manpower crunch, and the constant push to improve productivity has been the key to overcome this challenge. Capitalize on funding supports to implement technological solutions to improve your business productivity.

Increase Profitability

Driving more sales and higher revenue per sale allows businesses to sustain and grow their profitability. Branding and marketing are the areas businesses can seek to improve to achieve better profitability. There are even funding supports for overseas expansion to help your business open up unchartered market.

Hire the right People

One of the key resources in a business is manpower, but with a stiff labour market, it is never easy to hire the right people. Through the initiatives implemented by the government, businesses can tap on wider candidate pool to seek the suitable talent to employ. The programmes create a win-win situation for both the employers and employees.

Ms. Financing Fairy

has assisted our clients to secure funding of

$ 238639000

Expand your Business through Financing options

Cash flow is one thing all businesses cannot do without. The key to sustaining a business is the amount of cash it holds and the strategy to manage the flow. Cash allows your business to tide through bad times, and expand quickly when the economy thrives. Arcana Advisory works with over 30 partners to support your business in obtaining the cash flow you need.

Corporate Financing

Acquiring loans from traditional banks can be a tedious and confusing process. We work closely with our clients to maximise the quantum they can get and shorten the processing time.

Alternative Financing

Getting loans from private institutions is a choice gaining popularity from many businesses due to the less stringent requirements and faster processing time. We work with established partners curated by our experienced team in Arcana to bring you the best alternative financing options you can get.

Equity Financing

Raise capital efficiently by selling company stocks to investors. Equity financing allows you to increase the valuation of your business while you convert your ownership shares into cash to expand your business.

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