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P-Max is a Place-and-Train Programme that aims to:

  • Help SMEs to better recruit, train, manage and retain their newly-hired PMETs
  • Encourage the adoption of progressive human resource practices within SMEs
  • Help to place job-seeking PMETs into suitable SME jobs.

Depending on SMEs’ needs, SMEs can choose to embark on three different P-Max options:

SME Needs P-Max Options
SME hiring PMETs P-Max
SME hiring PMETs, older workers who are Singapore Citizen age 50 years & above P-Max for Older Workers
Non-hiring SMEs P-Max Lite


  • Support participating SMEs on adopting progressive HR practices and enhance corporate image amongst prospective job-seekers;
  • Participating PMEs will be equipped with some professionally designed materials and templates as guide on self-discovery of unique strengths, performance assessment, harmonizing workplace relations with superiors and colleagues, budget management and leadership etc;
  • Workshops are facilitated and delivered by experienced and reputable trainers who are evaluated and approved by WDA; and
  • Retain Talents.

Funding Support

P-Max and P-Max for Older Workers

Hiring SMEs can seek assistance from PMs to help screen and refer suitable job-seeking PMETs for their job vacancies under the Programme.

Participating SMEs can also enjoy up to 90% course fee subsidy[2] for PMET, SME training workshops and Age Management workshop (applicable for P-Max for Older Worker only), while eligible SMEs will receive a one-time $5,000 Assistance Grant or $10,000[3] Assistance Grant (P-Max for Older Workers only) upon completion of the Programme and six month retention of the newly hired PMET(s).


P-Max Lite

Non-hiring SMEs can enjoy up to 90% course fee subsidy for the SME training workshop under P-Max Lite. This programme targets non-hiring supervisors in SMEs who are keen to learn progressive HR practices to better manage their existing staff. Course fee funding will be provided for non-hiring SME supervisors to attend the SME workshop which will cover progressive HR-related topics, such as goal setting and performance management tools and an introdution to an HR toolkit. SMEs under P-Max Lite will not be eligible for the assistance grant.

[2] Only Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident are eligible for the course fee subsidy.

[3] Please note that the Assistance Grant is capped at $5,000 or $10,000 (for SMEs under P-Max for Older Worker) regardless of the number of PMETs hired & retained under P-Max. Companies who previously have received $5,000 P-Max grant will only be eligible for additional $5,000 under P-Max for Older Workers

Eligibility Criteria

SMEs need to meet the following criteria:

  •  Registered or incorporated in Singapore;
  •  Annual sales turnover of not more than $100 million or employment size not exceeding 200 employees;
  • At least 30% local shareholding;
  • Offer PMET job vacancies available and/or hired a PMET within the last three months prior to enrolment into programme with a gross monthly salary of at least $2,500.

PMETs need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • Possess educational qualifications that are Diploma or higher, and/or is employed or have prior work experience in a Professional, Managerial, Executive, Technician (PMET) position;
  • Have graduated or completed National Service for a minimum period of 12 month;
  • Be a Singapore Citizen, age 50 and above who is keen to pursue a full-time career in an SME for P-Max for older workers

Agency: Workforce Singapore – per link attached

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