Digitalise your files

Dropbox business is not just a place for you to store your files, but it is a smart workspace for you and your team to collaboration and create conversation. Work can be messy, with all the different teams and different documents, it’s hard for you to keep up. Well, fret not. Dropbox is your one stop solution.

No more switching between tools

Now all your tasks are in one tool. You can create, edit, collaborate and share cloud files from other tools within Dropbox. Work has never been so convenient.

Collaborate with ease

Files can be easily accessed amongst your devices - computer, mobile device, or web browser. You can even share your files with just a link click away.

Security that gives you a peace of mind

A secure, distributed infrastructure — plus admin tools for control and visibility — keep your company’s data safe on Dropbox

Key Features

Dropbox Paper

A simple tool that allows you to share ideas and keep your team synchronised in a powerful way.

Dropbox Collaborate

Working with your team has never been easier with Dropbox Collaborate. Edit and comment on the same document with ease.

Dropbox Transfer

Sending large files is a hassle, but not using Dropbox Transfer. Whether it’s to anyone in your team or to your clients, all files are sent securely. Use protected links and passwords for greater privacy.

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Dropbox uses the 265-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It is regularly tested and checked for security vulnerabilities.
Minimally, you will need to have 3 users.
No, Dropbox is meant to store and manage files, not for running applications.

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