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Are you a business owner who is looking to finance your company’s expansion, improve working capital, or upgrade your equipment?

Successful application for financing can mean the difference between whether your company can seize growth opportunities or be restricted by tight cash flow.

Many business owners face challenges securing financing due to strict requirements, time consuming paperwork, and unfriendly terms. Business financing in Singapore can also be a confusing mix of bank loans and other financing options.

You need an experienced advisor to help you lay out all the options available and suitable for your business needs, while navigating the tedious process of applying for financing.

Arcana Advisory offers consulting services for corporate financing, finding alternative financing solutions, and being a business advisor for equity financing options. Details of the different business financing options can be found below.

Schedule a free consultation session with us to assess your current business needs and learn which financing option is best for you.

Corporate Financing

Getting approval to receive loans from banks can be a tedious and confusing process. Even if your company’s records look good on paper, there are certain criteria within banks that have to be met before submission of the application. Therefore, it’s important to have all your paperwork in check. Some business owners may be unsure which financing tool is the best fit for their business needs and this is where we are here to assist.

Arcana Advisory believes in working closely with our clients to maximise the quantum received while helping to shorten the processing time.

Alternative Financing

These days, business owners aren’t restricted to just bank loans. Now, getting a loan from a private institution is no longer out of the ordinary — rather, it’s a fairly popular option, thanks to the fact that they are much less stringent with their requirements and often have a faster processing time, allowing business owners to have their cash in hand much faster. However, with so many private institutions around, it can be hard to make an informed choice.

Arcana Advisory works with established partners, curated by our experienced team, to bring you the best alternative financing options available.

Equity Financing

Business owners can raise capital more efficiently by selling company stocks to investors. This is known as Equity Financing, and refers to the process of raising capital through the sale of shares. This might seem like a daunting move, but equity financing works well to meet both short- and long-term business needs. Whether the cash is needed to pay bills or to fund long-term growth, it allows business owners to increase the valuation of their business without much hassle. When a business owner uses equity financing, they are selling part of their ownership interest in their business. In return, the shareholders receive ownership interests in the company.

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